Friday, October 24, 2014

Saturday October 25th, 2014


A. Gymnastic practice 10-12 minutes
B. 50 reps push-up to 2" plate.  Not for time for quality and depth.   Scale as appropriate to achieve 5 good reps when fresh.
C. 30-50 perfect ring rows.  Not for time

12 minutes AMRAP
200m row
15 KBS
30 ft right arm KB overhead walk
30 ft left arm KB overhead walk


A. Freestanding Handstand Hold – Technique Work for 10-12 minutes
B. Deficit Strict Handstand Pushups @ 2" – accumulate 30- 40 reps (Not for time).  Scale to an appropriate progression to improve HSPU.
C. Muscle-ups – 20 reps for time.      May use or practice bar muscle-ups if you'd like.

*A,B,C is basically just gymnastic practice time, so use it wisely for some deep practice. Achieve quality reps in whichever you choose.  Good time to keep working muscle-up transitions for those close.


AMRAP in 12 minutes:
12 Power Snatches @ 75#/55#.      Please do not dump weights for this. The 10# bumpers will break.
12 CTB Pull-ups
12 Box Jumps @ 24″ (step down)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday October 24th, 2014

A. OHS 5,5,5,5.    Try to build just a bit from last week. 

B.  Front-Rack Russian Step-ups @16- 20″; 20 reps x 3- 4 sets; rest 2 minutes.  May hold KB. 


for time
run 400m
50 thrusters- moderate
run 400m


A. Hang Squat Snatch @ Mid-Shin – 2,2,1,1,1

B. Front-Rack Russian Step-ups @ 16- 20″; 20 reps x 4 sets; rest 2 minutes


For time:
400m Run
50 Thrusters @ 95#65#
400m Run

sub row if weather does not cooperate. 6am class please keep large doors shut and exit and enter through side door. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thursday October 23rd, 2014

Make up Wednesday's workout or

AD .5 miles @Z1
30 sec FLR
rest walk 1 min
x 8


accumulate 7 minutes hanging. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wednesday October 22nd, 2014


A. Clean Grip DL. 2.2. x 4 sets rest 10s / rest 2 minutes  --more weight than last week if form is good.
B. seated russian med ball twist 15-20 x 5 sets.  Focus on twisting with core, not swinging arms.
C. side plank on elbow ASMSAP x 5.    keep the standard.

AMRAP in 15 mins
50m farmers walk --heavy
30 second - hollow rock
5 power cleans.    

may sub 5 DL, 5 KBS  for power cleans


A. Clean Pulls; 3, 3, 3, 3, 3; rest 2 minutes
B. Hanging 1/2 Windshield Wipers; 12- 20 reps x 5 sets; rest 90 seconds
C. Side Plank on Hand with Feet Elevated @ 8-12″; As Many Seconds As Possible x 4 sets/arm; rest 60 seconds between arms

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
50m Farmers Walk --heavy
30 second – Hollow Rock
5 Power Cleans 185/125 ---scale to 70% of 1RM PC.

"sweat sesh"
ride the Airdyne for 50 mins
first 10 mins at z1 pace
second 10 mins, on the top of every minute pedal hard for 12s, pedal easy for rest of min.
third 10 mins at z1 pace
fourth 10 mins on the top of every minute pedal hard for 12s, pedal easy for rest of min.
fifth 10 mins at z1 pace.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tuesday October 21, 2014


A. DB push press 10-12 reps x 4 sets. Rest 2 mins
B. for time: 50 push-ups to 2" plate. 

for time:
30 burpees
700m row/ 500m row

A. Behind-the-Neck Snatch-Grip Push Press; 5 reps x 5 sets; rest 2 minutes

B. For time: 50 Strict Handstand Push-ups.      15 minute time cap


For time:
40 Burpees
800m/600m  Row

sub 5:15 would be a decent time.

A. be conservative and hit ALL the reps. 
B. sub 50 seated DB press at moderate weight if you can't do full range HSPU. 

– Burpees: jump and touch an object 6″ above max reach. Use a ring or pull-up bar.

no sweat sesh for today. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday October 20th, 2014

A. OHS  x 8-10 reps x 3 sets.  Keep it light and controlled

B. Back Squat- build to a tough 3 reps. 

C. accumulate 30 -40 solid negatives pull-ups. 

D. Hanging leg raises x 10 reps x 3 sets.  Rest 1 minute between. 


3 mins Max cals on Airdyne

*warm this up good.*


A. Squat Snatch – 2,2,1,1,1.
B. Back Squat – Build to a tough 3 reps.
C. Wide-Grip Behind-the-Neck Strict Pull-ups: accumulate 30-40 perfect reps. rest as needed.
D. L-sit in ring or with hands on 45# plates.  Accumulate 3-5 good minutes.


300 double unders for time:

A. Try for no misses. Hammer home good technique. Treat the final 3 reps as a weightlifting meet, meaning you choose a weight to start at and can not go back down. 

B. max of 3 tough attempts. 

D. keep the standard high.  better to have less time with good standard than more time with shit standard.

"Sweat Sesh"
1K row @ 75%
rest 1/2 of your work time.    i.e, it takes 4 mins to row 1k, rest 2 mins.
x5 rounds

Friday, October 17, 2014

Saturday October 18th, 2014

A. 1 wall climb per minute for 12 mins
B. seated DB Press x 8-10 reps x 4 sets.
C. push-ups - accumulate 30-50 perfect reps.  No reps from knees. 


AMRAP in 20 minutes
10 DB snatches from hang  5/arm.  moderate weight.  should not be able to do unbroken after first rd. 
10 Bar-Facing Burpees
10 Russian KBS- heavy!
10 push-ups.  again not from knees. go down to a 45 bumper if need be.  perfect reps!
10 deadlifts ~50% 1RM
10 ring rows


A. Freestanding Handstand Hold – Technique Work for 12 minutes
B. Strict Handstand Pushups – accumulate 36 reps in sets of 3; rest as needed
C. Muscle-ups – 30 reps for time in sets of 3 unbroken.   12  minute time cap.


AMRAP in 20 minutes:
10 Power Snatches @ 95#/65
10 Bar-Facing Burpees
10 Power Cleans @ 135#/85
10 Handstand Push-ups
10 Deadlifts @ 225#/175
10 Strict Pull-ups

A. help each other, hold and balance
B. sub seated DB press 6 x 6.  
C. practice technique for 12 mins if you don't have muscle-ups

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Friday October 17th, 2014

There will be open gym today from 330 to 5.  Class will be at 5.

A. OHS   5,5,5,5.   rest as needed

B. Goblet hold lunges x 20 steps x 3 sets. rest 2 minutes


for time:

Thrusters @ moderate weight
Kettlebell Swings -mod to heavy weight. 


A. Hang Squat Snatch Below Knee – 2,2,1,1,1.  Build quick. rest as needed.

B. Front-Rack Lunges x 20 steps x 3 sets; rest 2 minutes


For time:21-15-9:
Thrusters @ 95#/65
Kettlebell Swings @ 70/45

"Sweat sesh"
30 secs on AD, @ near ALL OUT
rest 2:30
x 12

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thursday October 16th, 2014

Make up Wednesday workout or :

“Sweat Sesh”
90 seconds on the clock
row 250m
amrap double unders
rest 60 seconds

90 seconds on the clock
AD 20/15 calories
am rap abwheel roll outs
rest 60 seconds
90 seconds on the clock
run 200m
am rap hollow hold
rest 60 seconds

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wednesday October 15th, 2014

A. Clean Grip DL. 2.2.2.  x 4 sets  rest 10s / rest 2 minutes
B. seated russian med ball twist  15-20 x 5 sets
C. side plank on elbow  ASMSAP


AMRAP in 5 minutes
5 deadlifts - use ~50% of arm
5 box jumps step down. 


A. Clean Pulls; 5, 5, 3, 3; rest 2 minutes.
B. Hanging Windshield Wipers; 20 reps x 5 sets; rest 90 seconds
C. Side Plank on Hand with Feet Elevated @ 8-12″; As Many Seconds As Possible x 4 sets/arm; rest 90 seconds between arms

AMRAP in 5 minutes:
5 Deadlifts @ 225/ 175#
5 Box Jumps (step down)

A. this is not a spazzy deadlift. Use your clean position and pull with the same mechanics. Reset quickly at bottom. Use hook grip.

sub seated russian med ball twists.

C. sub side planks on elbow or use less elevation for feet.

open it up and hang on. Keep rest short. Be smart about DL form. Scale weight down if you can't do 5 unbroken.


“Sweat Sesh”
1K row @ 80% effort
rest for 2 minutes off the rower
x5 rounds

Programming template for a bit:

Monday- snatch intense, squat intense, upper body pull  +  conditioning
Tuesday - Press intense, Press volume +   row/burpee conditioning
Wednesday - Pull intense, abs/oblique/bracing, + short intense conditioning
Thursday  rest/ aerobic conditioning.     Make up day or extra mobility.
Friday - Oly work, squat volume.
Saturday - Upper body gymnastics volume, + longer conditioning piece.
Sunday - rest/makeup or get ahead day.